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Open Paint Days

Everyone Is An Artist


OPEN PAINT..TODAY JAN 15th, 12:30 to 3pm

Stop by anytime between 12;30 and 3pm (last seating is 2;30) and create a fun canvas! Pre drawn or blank canvases available..enjoy using our brushes and variety of paint colors to make a masterpiece of your own! Fun Valentine and winter designs..all ages adults and kids welcome! Prices range from 10 to 30 dollars. No reservations necessary!

Open Paint is available by reservation only for the winter months ! Please look at our small session section of the website. Minimum of 4 people required for an open paint session. Cost $25 each. (includes an 8 by 10 and 5 by 7 pre draw canvas and 1 hour of studio time)

Purchase a pre drawn canvas at our low prices ($10 0r $15) and enjoy our large assortment of paints! this is not an instructed event but our artists are available for advice and to help you get your paint and brushes. We have aprons too! 

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